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Think Again Think NP-C

Niemann Pick type C (NP-C) is a rare disease in which the movement and storage of lipids in the body stops working. There is no cure; treatment aims at slowing disease progression. On average, patients wait 5-6 years for a diagnosis, as symptoms are difficult to identify. Yet rapid diagnosis and initiation of treatment are crucial to improving patients’ and families’ lives.

‘Think Again. Think NP-C’ is an international professional education campaign created by a patient group and pharmaceutical company. The campaign aims to increase recognition of NP-C among clinicians to improve diagnoses and access to care, by encouraging doctors to make the connection with NP-C when they see certain symptoms in their practice and refer suspected patients for follow-up/testing.

17 countries have committed to rolling out the campaign locally. Of the countries that have launched so far, 3 have reported a significant increase in diagnoses and 6 countries have reported an increase in referrals/screening.

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