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Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records needed to cut-through in the busy Christmas shopping season, engaging gift buyers to promote Gamer’s Edition, a niche publication created for gaming fans, in the UK and in the US. 

Using our unique Mapper360™ methodology, we were able to identify 10,000s of gaming fans in both the UK and US, which we then psychographically profiled to create personas and to identify lookalike audiences for media planning. 

We ran a multi-channel paid media campaign, delivered at the exact time of day when we knew each niche audience were online, active and in a purchasing mindset - with content we knew would appeal to their specific interests.


  • 27m+ people reached
  • 150k engagements
  • 76k UK visits to retailers
  • 93k US visits to retailers
  • 29% CTR from YouTube (against industry benchmark of 0.7%)

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