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With 25 years’ industry experience, at Four Health Media we have a deep understanding of all types of media, from planning and buying to analysis, research and strategy. We are the only specialist pharma media agency who has a truly global reach, delivering media within and across territories worldwide. From extensive campaigns that span multiple territories, to targeted local-language indigenous media, we can reach any audience in any country.

Our success is based on planning with a creative marketer-mindset that goes beyond the obvious, and an innovative approach backed up by strategic insights from rigorous data-driven research and analysis. Whether it’s efficiently deploying content or leveraging global spend, we have proven experience in negotiating the complexities of multi-local media planning.

Our services

Digital media analytics

To help you to truly understand the impact of your campaign, we produce real-time digital analytics that measure against your defined KPIs and provide real campaign insights to optimise your media schedule and achieve the best results. Using our qualitative and quantitative pre- and post-campaign monitoring, we can also understand behaviour change throughout the campaign. Our genuine digital ROI measurement initiative, using a test-and-control format, maps against IMS data to establish the impact on physician behaviour.

Digital media operations

Our direct involvement allows us access to real-time data for our analytics and insight – giving greater visibility of campaign results. Data can be tailored by country meaning we can involve and engage affiliates in the success of global campaigns and can be sure that geo-targeting meets compliance requirements. All of which helps us to manage multi-territory, multi-language and creative campaigns with ease.

Global media consolidation

We drive synergies and opportunities through our global media consolidation process, by auditing the global media activity of our clients. We work with vendors to establish a full range of activity and to leverage value for all brands in a client group. This standardises rates globally and uses large market spend to benefit all affiliates with profound global opportunities, to impact on the efficiencies of media executions and costings. All of this means we can save you money and drive best value, buy media efficiently and minimise wastage.

Media buying

From media planning and media buying to campaign delivery, we secure each media placement and execute each campaign on your behalf. The media buy is scoped against our client KPIs so that you only pay for your definition of success, making your budgets go even further. Our rigorous processes ensure the media is always delivered at best value. We negotiate on every client’s media purchase. Drawing on our volume-based strength for negotiation, we always add value and extend reach where we possibly can.

Media planning

We specialise in developing innovative and practical media campaigns through the use of in-depth research and analytics tools. We identify key physician behaviours and media consumption preferences which underpin all our media plans and allow them to deliver against specific media objectives and measurable KPIs. We provide full justification and thought process mapping with each media plan, liaising with all stakeholders to ensure seamless campaign execution. Our service includes ongoing monitoring and plan revision for continual optimisation, and competitor spend analysis for both print and digital. We give all stakeholders confidence in their media choices and deliver best-in-class ROI.

Multichannel media strategy

We work with clients and their brand teams to identify the most effective media quadrants for their goals. By mapping physician behaviours, we can identify HCP ‘tribes’ and appropriate environments for your messaging. We unravel the HCP media ecosystem and use that knowledge to create integrated multi-channel approaches. Our brand asset-mapping drives content deployment strategies utilising native advertising and rich media. Through this, we are able to extend the value of pre-existing assets and maximise the return on the initial creative investment.

Publication planning insight

Our publications team can work with you and your publications planning teams to provide data-led guidance on key titles and vehicles for the publication of clinical papers. We identify the most appropriate titles or vehicles by analysing the paper topic, journal standing, area of interest, and relevance. This can include open access vehicles and metrics such as Google’s h-index which are used to identify new opportunities for publication and to help support the client’s adherence to the AllTrials initiative and transparency goals.


Our reprint buying service provides the procurement of hard copy and digital clinical paper reprints at the best possible price, including management of the full buying process, from abstract to delivery tracking. We work to aggregate company-wide orders globally and drive best prices through MSA ReScribe - our account management service that provides global reprint buying using PubMed-based search. We manage provisions of proofs, track delivery of reprints and ensure that eprints are successfully disseminated to the target audience, and bought while complying with necessary regulations such as the Sunshine Act.

Research and strategy insights

We believe that staying informed helps us to stay ahead. We use data-driven research to inform our thinking, planning and media decisions, and tailor our campaigns, to make them more effective with even better results, helping our clients to gain competitive advantage. We drive the data agenda through our membership and involvement in various data source committees, such as the Hospital Readership Survey, Medical Readership Survey, Ebiquity and the Nurse Readership Survey. We commission bespoke research pieces to meet client requirements, like our Value Measurement Survey which helped one of our clients understand the shift in brand favourability generated by a digital display campaign.


We work with our clients to maximise visibility of their assets and produce better ROI through our integrated approach to SEM. We advise on Google strategy for prescription-only medicine brands and consumer-facing activities and generate PPC campaigns, SEO and deep-linking strategies for non-branded and consumer products.


We support client teams at every level with training in all areas pertaining to media. This can range from courses for those new to media as a function, or those wishing to gain additional input into specialist areas such as digital or search, for example.

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