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Social media has permanently changed the communications paradigm.
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The opinions of our social networks have always influenced our views and decisions. But with those social networks moving online, the reach and speed of that influence means we need to re-evaluate how we shape opinion. From journalists sourcing or verifying stories, to consumers uploading, discovering or sharing content, we need to get the right message, in the right format and at the right time. And as our audiences are constantly jumping across channels (or using them simultaneously) we can help you identify which will deliver successful and sustainable engagement. Our social media services include: • Key influencer identification and engagement programmes • Integrated campaign strategies, including with digital advertising, PR and search • Content planning, including curating and creating content that delivers results • Online reputation and crisis management consultancy • Digital media relations, including social media newsroom development • Monitoring, including campaign measurement and structured listening programmes • Communications audits, including brand perception and competitor analysis