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With research showing that one in five Scots believe that human rights are for minority groups only, our 2015 Scottish Government campaign set out to help people better understand how human rights are  used on a day to day basis and how they help build a fairer and more progressive society.

Jump Into Ireland

Scotland is a key market for both Northern Ireland and Ireland and our brief from Tourism Ireland was to move it from a ‘top ten’ lists of places to visit in their life to a ‘must go now’ destination.

HSBC – branching out in Scotland

Despite being one of the world’s largest banks, HSBC had a relatively small number of branches in Scotland. We were tasked with profile raising to support the businesses’ commercial aims in the Scottish market.

Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games, a lasting legacy

We were tasked with telling the story and raising awareness of the legacy opportunities following Glasgow’s selection to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games, the biggest multi-sports event ever to be staged in Scotland.

BBC Live at the Castle

This Live Nation music spectacular was a feat of logistics: 15 miles of cable, 20 juggernauts used to transport the staging and a 50-tonne crane used to lift the stage into place.

Volunteer for Children’s Panel. It’s Life Changing

The national Children’s Panel is a lay tribunal which makes vital decisions about neglected, abused and troubled children who need help to get their lives back on track. We were tasked with driving recruitment of 500 panel members, representing a cross section of the public, with a focus on C2DE, 18-40 year old men.

Don’t get scared, get checked

Our single overarching aim for the Detect Cancer Early campaign is to build belief that cancer can be beaten, when detected early.

Connecting Scotland to the world

Etihad Airways, the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, don’t do things by half.

The gift of life

We’ve managed the Scottish Government’s life-saving organ donation campaign for several years.

An appetite for change

Whether taking the lead on the sugar tax debate, exploring attitudes to food safety, or plunging into the deep-fried Mars bar debate, we’ve been busy putting Food Standards Scotland (FSS) on the map.


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