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Zika creates a news buzz for the University of Westminster

This week, Four Broadgate’s client the University of Westminster has been in the media spotlight.

The team has been working with Dr Edward Wright, Virology and Senior Lecturer in Medical Microbiology at the University, to raise his profile as a leading expert on the Zika virus, further to the outbreak in South America and the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s decision to escalate the threat of the virus globally.

In just three days, the team has secured over 260 pieces of coverage so far, including over 20 broadcast interviews with several BBC Radio stations, Al Jazeera and ITV News. Dr Wright’s comments were also included in over 200 articles from national, regional and international media outlets.

Four Broadgate started working with Dr Wright last year further to the Ebola virus outbreak, building his profile as a leading virologist in the field.

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