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Trace the trail of this year's Comic Relief celebrities with Exodus

Top Tips from Exodus’ Kilimanjaro expert, Paul Goldstein

Climbing Kilimanjaro is no walk in the park but this week the likes of Chris Moyles, Gary Barlow, Ben Shepherd, Fern Cotton, Denise Van Outen and Girls Aloud’s Kimberley Walsh, will be taking the challenge for Comic Relief. Here are some tips to help you take your own challenge from Killimanjaro’s veteran, Paul Goldstein – wildlife photographer and Exodus guide who has climbed the mountain more than 10 times.
A View from the Top – Paul Goldstein’s top tips to climbing Kili
1. Slow – take it very slow, it is no race. This is classic hare and tortoise country.
2. Chocolate - yes, chocolate. Forget your power and isotonic bars - your appetite dies at altitude but you can always manage some chocolate. Just as at the end of a large curry, when you are ready to burst, when they bring the bill and the after eights, there is a scrum for them.
3. Ear plugs - you think people snore at sea level, try them at 4,000metres.
4. Water - just as a car needs oil, your body needs water. Note: your urine should be clear and copious.
5. Pain - there will be some! Ibuprofen was invented for this sort of headache.
6. Cat naps - don't have them. Sleeping at altitude is tough enough without being compromised by an afternoon doze.
7. Acclimatisation extra walks - you have just arrived into camp, your feet are swollen as is your bladder; your shoulders ache from your rucksack, you want rest and cake…No. What you need is a slow extra ascent and descent - this helps acclimatisation - your no one enemy - and also sleep. Do it yourself with a guide or porter.
8. Mind games - whether it is games or lateral thinking, you need distractions to keep your mind off the summit. Mind games help with the end game.
Exodus has offered trips to Kilimanjaro for 35 years and guarantees to take you to entirely new heights. Goldstein says: “I wish the celebrities all the luck in the world. Kilimanjaro is no easy feat and it will prove ball-breaking for a lot of them but with the African Travel Company, the same company Exodus put their faith in, I know they will be in good hands.”
With Exodus and their experienced guides, you can climb Kilimanjaro as soon as 29 June 2009. This Shira route approaches Kilimanjaro from the west where fewer trekkers venture and includes crossing the caldera of Shira Volcano and the southern ice fields of Kibo, Kilimanjaro’s highest volcano. Other departure dates this year are 16 July, 13 August, 10 September, 8 October and 17 December.*
The Shira route Kilimanjaro climb, as well as the alternative Rongai route, has recently been climbed in aid of the Kilimanjaro Porter Education Project, a language education project for the region. 
The Comic Relief Kilimanjaro climb will be broadcast live on BBC Radio One.
This 12 day trip with Exodus departs on 29 June 2009 with prices from £1,549 per person including flights, all scheduled activities and meals. For more information or to book, visit or call 0845 863 9601
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*For other departure dates and prices, please contact the press office or go to the website
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