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Sustainability in luxury hospitality

A new survey by the social enterprise Bouteco has found that almost two thirds of travellers now consider sustainability when choosing a hotel.

Bouteco is a fascinating example of an organisation founded by storytellers: Juliet Kinsman previously founding editor of Mr&Mrs Smith and writer Holly Tuppe. Bouteco’s annual trend report on sustainability in luxury hospitality looks to galvanise change and is packed with comments, ideas and quotes from passionate people on how to make hospitality a force for good. Four Travel managing director Debbie Hindle who is quoted in the report said: “Many travel organisations are on a journey to minimise the negative impacts of travel, but to use travel to galvanise change and opportunities for community and conservation. I really welcome Bouteco’s report which is bringing new fresh thinking to the debate and challenging everyone in the industry to stop think and discuss.”

Take a look at Debbie Hindle’s piece on What makes a strong sustainability story? here.  

Read Bouteco’s annual trend report on sustainability in luxury hospitality here