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Social Media Travel Insights Report

2011 was the year that social media became truly mainstream. But so far 2012 has been the year that shows the world of social still has the potential to deliver some serious shocks.

'Social Media Travel Insights', is a report designed to pick up on recent trends and predictions for 2012 that have a direct impact on the way the travel industry markets itself.

This concise and informative report, written by Four bgb, encapsulates the conditions, trends, and outlook of the social media landscape for marketers. In it you will find detailed information on social media trends to watch for in 2012, including:

  • Mobile growth
  • Monetising and metrics
  • Social shopping
  • Social search
  • Image importance
  • Privacy
  • Gaming
  • Blogging

For a copy of the report contact Debbie Hindle, Managing director, Four bgb.

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