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Online game to guess Gordon Brown's cabinet

Four Communications offers clients and friends the chance to become the PM and win an iPod 8 June 2007
Four Communications has today launched a new online game to guess the members of Gordon Brown's first cabinet. Four has invited its clients and friends to 'become the Prime Minister' and select who they think will join Gordon Brown around the cabinet table later this month. The game allows users to select which senior politicians they think are most likely to form the next Cabinet. And it provides helpful hints on how to do it. The game advises the 'Prime Minister' on: - how many women they have selected - how loyal the politicians are to Gordon - whether they are 'fresh faces' in government There is even a meter to track the number of Scots in senior posts. The winner of the game will be the person who comes closest to Gordon Brown's cabinet. The prize is an 80GB iPod. In the event of a tie, the name will be drawn at random.
Jim Dickson, the head of Four Politics said: "We have launched the new game to help people step into the mind of Gordon Brown and consider what he will be looking for in his top team. It's a bit of fun but also gets people thinking about how many women should be in the cabinet, how many is too many Scots, and how experienced are the senior appointments."
For further information contact:
Jim Dickson, director - Four Politics

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