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Four Colman Getty supports the announcement of William Boyd's new James Bond title, Solo

As Author of the Day at this year’s London Book Fair, William Boyd took the opportunity to reveal the name of September’s eagerly anticipated new James Bond novel.

At the PEN Literary café, in front of a packed audience and international media, Boyd talked of his experiences of being chosen by Ian Fleming’s family to write the next Bond novel before finally revealing that the novel will be entitled Solo. He said it was a particularly apt title because ‘Bond goes solo and takes off on his own private mission.’ Also revealed for this first time was that Africa would be one of the book’s key locations.

The appetite for James Bond news shows no sign of abating and as Boyd made his announcement, the Four Colman Getty team ensured word instantly went out on the news wires and was picked up around the world from The Times in London to Le Figaro in France and on to the Sydney Morning Herald.


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