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Four Communications assists Passenger Shipping Association to communicate cruising safety record following Costa Concordia incident

UK cruising industry body, the Passenger Shipping Association (PSA), has been running a media interview programme in the aftermath of the tragic Costa Concordia incident to provide information and reassure passengers that the safety record of cruising is second to none.

Bill Gibbons, PSA director, has been appearing on broadcast news channels including Sky News; BBC World; BBC Breakfast; Radio Four; Radio Five Live and CNN, to emphasise that such incidents are extremely rare with all cruise ships subject to stringent international maritime regulations and procedures.
The PSA PR team, led by PR director Penny Guy with agency support from Four Communications, issued their first press statement early on Saturday morning and offered media interviews over the weekend as the story developed. They have been working alongside the Carnival communications team, and giving regular media updates to all PSA cruise members. Internationally, media liaison on behalf of the industry is also being facilitated through the Cruise Lines International Association and the European Cruise Council.
“Our focus has been to balance news reaction to the immediate incident with a more considered view on how safely over 1.7m UK passengers sailed millions of cruise miles last year. Our seafaring industry always has safety as its very first priority, and we will continue to work closely with all interested parties to learn from this tragic event to further enhance the safety of cruise ships worldwide” said Penny Guy.
For more information please contact:
Penny Guy
PR director,
Passenger Shipping Association (PSA)
+44 (0)20 7436 2449
Iain Burns
Managing director,
Four Communications
+ 44 (0)7767 754011



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