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Four Health Media deliver super-charged solution for client Macmillan Cancer Support

Next week will mark the first ever placement of branded phone charging units in hospital chemotherapy centres, in what is a major development aided by the great work of Four Health Media. 

Working alongside client Macmillan Cancer Support, Four Health Media has successfully secured charging units in two hospitals from next week – Halton, near Warrington and Queens in Romford. The pioneering charging stations offer a unique service to patients who attend chemotherapy treatments, in a move that could revolutionise the customer experience in hospitals across the country.  

The average duration of a hospital visit can be between 3 and 5 hours long, so having a free phone charging facility allows patients to keep in touch with loved ones, watch videos, or stay connected to work whilst also elevating the Macmillan brand by featuring video content and support information to patients. 

The Four Health Media account team for Macmillan – Kelly Smith, Ben Mansfield and Jem Roberts – have been pitching for charging stations over the last three months, along with a third party.  Four Health Media managed to get Warrington and Romford Trusts on board, in what was a major coup for the talented team.  

In a statement, a Macmillan nurse from the Warrington Trust commented;  “It’s amazing, some of our patients are here for up to 5 hours so this will really help them keep in contact with their loved ones.” 

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