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Four launches Lloyds TSB as first domestic sponsor of London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

14 March 2007: On March 14th 2007, Four Sports Marketing & Sponsorship launched Lloyds TSB as the first domestic sponsor of the London Olympic and Paralympic Games. The launch received blanket coverage over all the terrestrial and satellite news channels, plus the leading national and regional newspapers.

Sebastian Coe, LOCOG Chairman, was quoted in The Independent to say "This is a huge moment in the life of an organising committee. It is probably the biggest moment since we won the bid."
The launch was nationally focused with two London and six regional photo calls. The London event was held at the London Eye and included interviews with Lord Coe and demonstrations from six Olympic gymnast hopefuls. Four also coordinated six regional events at Lloyds TSB branches in Birmingham, Bath, Edinburgh, Gloucester, Manchester and Newport.
For more information please contact:
Alun James, managing director – Four Sports Marketing & Sponsorship

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