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Four helps the third Round Britain Offshore Power Boat Race get off to a flying start this summer

August 08: After nearly a quarter of a century, the Round Britain Offshore Power Boat Race was set to run for the third time.

Described by many as one of the last remaining marine challenges for adventurers in the UK, it was up to Four to help bring the event to life, and capture the public’s imagination on the 10 day, 100 touchpoint, 1600 nautical mile race!

The Four team helped manage pre-publicity interviews, the race launch, and regional PR covering each leg from Portsmouth, Plymouth, Edinburgh and Newcastle, and back again. Two nationals, more than 25 pieces of regional print coverage, plus three regional radio station interviews and 18 trade pieces helped put the race on the map.

The ultimate coverage came from BBC Breakfast’s own Declan Curry (aka Captain Curry as he became known) who used each regional port as the venue for his live business broadcasts throughout the week, as well as daily diary updates on his personal blog.

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