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Four helps Barclaycard to launch innovative three-in-one card

25 September 2007: Barclaycard and Four reached a significant milestone this month with the launch of Barclaycard OnePulse, the unique card which combines Oyster, credit and cashless facilities. After 12 months of collaborative preparation between Four and Barclaycard, Barclaycard OnePulse launched at Canary Wharf Tube station on Monday 10 September with Barclaycard's CEO, Antony Jenkins, using the card for the first time amidst a flurry of journalists, cameramen and photographers, thousands of pounds worth of Barclaycard OnePulse branding, and a direct sales team poised to start signing people up. It all started last year when Barclaycard announced both its agreement with TranSys to offer Oyster on a Barclaycard and its desire to introduce cashless technology to the UK. Cashless technology allows cardholders to make low value purchases of £10 or under more quickly and conveniently with just one touch of their card against a reader instead of entering a PIN or signature. Since the announcement was made, Four and Barclaycard have worked in unison to create a PR campaign that would support and promote the launch of the new card and educate a wide range of stakeholders about its benefits. Given that this first announcement occurred some nine months before the launch, the campaign also required longevity that would build momentum and help create a call to action among both retailers and consumers. The card is targeted specifically at Londoners and offers a more convenient lifestyle by giving customers the ability to buy everyday essentials such as coffee, a paper or Oyster travel as well as larger purchases such as a holiday abroad on one card rather than three. Our aim was to raise awareness among all audiences by achieving widespread coverage in a variety of media. So far, the campaign has generated more than 210 pieces of national, regional, trade, online and broadcast coverage as a result of fourteen press releases, five photoshoots, one photocall and a comprehensive press pack, all of which were co-ordinated and managed collaboratively by Four's corporate, consumer and design teams. So successful was the campaign and its exposure that it has contributed to an overwhelming number of applications for Barclaycard OnePulse and several hundred Londoners all talking positively about the new three-in-one card! Stephen Clark, Managing Director, Corporate & Business PR at Four said: The launch of Barclaycard OnePulse has been a huge success and the result of several teams on the agency side and the client side working together to ensure a consistent and seamless communications approach. The card itself is innovative and future focused and it has been very exciting to have played a part in bringing it to life for a number of audiences. To gauge just how successful the campaign has been in raising awareness, you need only to ask commuters if they have heard of the three-in-one Barclaycard OnePulse and the answer will more than likely be 'yes'!"

For more information please contact: Stephen Clark, managing director, Corporate & Business PR

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