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Four Colman Getty launches Advance Editions

Four Communications’ cultural practice Four Colman Getty has launched Advance Editions, a bold new approach to publishing.

From a striking clock in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar to the changing colour of Madame Bovary's eyes, books are littered with anachronisms and mistakes. But what if writers could call on the wisdom of the crowd to improve their work before it goes to print?
Using the website, readers are invited to crowd-edit books before they go to print, drawing on their own knowledge and experiences to suggest improvements and spot mistakes. The best ideas will get a credit in the final edition.
Founding author, Hector Macdonald wrote op-eds for FutureBook and Bookbrunch on launch day, followed by a story in The Observer and interviews on Canada’s CBC As It Happens and BBC Radio Scotland’s Culture Cafe. Hector was last heard discussing the merits of the idea with Philip Pullman on BBC Radio 4’s World Tonight.