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Connecting creative businesses the Four Colman Getty way

This week Four Colman Getty’s Matt Railton posted on the Bookseller’s Futurebook blog about the UK’s creative industries need to meet, talk business and work together. Read his thoughts here -

Matt's blog follows news earlier this month that Four Colman Getty had launched Off the Page – a new event series that brings together the publishing, arts and creative technology sectors to look at ways that they can learn from each other.

There has been much talk recently of how publishers, arts organisations and other content holders need to work better with partners, including tech start-ups, in order to really make the most of the opportunities offered by the digital economy.

Four Colman Getty like nothing more than connecting people and Off the Page will do just that. The event will be held every two months and each session will focus on a different topic.

The first session will look at the ways that the cultural industries can work with and learn from gaming. Following an introduction by author, comedian, avid gamer and GameCity Prize Judge Charlie Higson, the audience will witness feature fast-moving, presentations from some of the most exciting developers, agencies and studios in the digital sector.

To find out more about Off the Page visit, and you can follow Off the Page on twitter @offthepage_

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