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Award-winning innovation

Congratulations to Four Colman Getty who have just been shortlisted for a PPC (Publishers’ Publicity Circle) Award for their work on the 2015 Man Booker Prize for Fiction.

The Awards recognise the best campaigns delivered by publicists, and the team is in the running for The NetGallery Award for a Generic Campaign. Last year’s innovative work by the team saw the introduction of the Man Booker Vlog Book Club and a new podcast series, written and produced in-house by the team and hosted by BBC Producer Joe Haddow. 

Chair of the PPC Bethan Jones described competition for the shortlist as “fierce”, citing it as proof “publicists are some of the most hard-working, creative, ingenious, imaginative, strategic, resourceful and dedicated people in the industry”. The PPC winners will be announced on Monday 29 February – good luck to the team and fingers crossed they emerge triumphant!

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