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60th Birthday for Noddy!

To celebrate the start of Noddy’s 60th Anniversary Year and the first-ever Noddy Week, Four Communications announced that client Chorion, the owners of the Enid Blyton Literary Estate, has revealed plans for a very special contemporary-classic style Noddy picture book called ‘Noddy’s Birthday Surprise’ (working title). The book will be written by Enid Blyton’s granddaughter Sophie Smallwood and illustrated by Robert Tyndall, a prominent Noddy illustrator since 1953.
‘Noddy’s Birthday Surprise’ will be in the visual style of the original Noddy books and will be released  the month of Noddy’s official 60th Birthday -November 2009, exactly 60 years since the very first Noddy book ‘Noddy goes to Toyland’ was published in 1949.
Sophie Smallwood, Enid Blyton’s granddaughter, will write the birthday themed story which will feature a number of characters including Big Ears, Tessie Bear and Mr. Plod. Like her grandmother, Sophie works with young children and she will use this experience, combined with re-reading all 24 original Noddy books, to help create a magical story to celebrate Noddy’s 60th Birthday.
Associate director at Four Communications, Emma Robertson said: “We love working with Noddy and are thrilled to be able to help him celebrate his sixtieth birthday!” 
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