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Working with bloggers: A master class with Debbie Hindle

Four bgb’s managing director Debbie Hindle delivered a social media master class to a packed audience at last week’s World Travel Market. Offering insight into the benefits of working with bloggers and their value to the travel industry, Debbie’s talk began with a recommendation for building social media strategies both big and small: ‘if you do one thing next year, work with bloggers’.Interest in the travel blogging community and the unique engagement opportunities it presents has been growing rapidly in recent years, with conferences springing up in Europe and the US, with many more planned. Mirroring this young industry’s rise in significance, a quick survey conducted at the beginning of the session revealed that while 4/5 of the audience had never worked with travel bloggers before, they were certainly hoping to do so in future. Debbie’s informative talk became a hot topic along the WTM corridors, but for those unable to make it on the day, the master class is available to view here: by Four bgb's Emma Liasides, Account Executive

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