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A wish for a sustainable new year

2009 dawns with the economy the biggest concern facing every business. We know media are going to want credit crunch stories and, as many are facing serious budget cuts and challenges themselves it's going to be top of many people's minds personally as well as professionally.

But my New Year's wish is that we don't lose the momentum of interest, or focus on sustainable issues. At several conferences I've been to in the past few months I've been pleased to see experts talking about economic decline but all finishing by saying  - don't forget the planet.

So, while green issues may not be hitting the headlines as much as they did last year, they are still top of mind for many of the organisations we support and work with. There's a huge amount being done and we can share best practice between organisations. If you've heard of anything you think other companies could benefit from  - new guidelines, research, clever ways of working to promote and develop sustainability, please do let me know.  


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