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Whitechapel One

During August and September, Four Colman Getty’s Whitechapel One team launched a social media and ad campaign to promote free mid-week walking tours of Whitechapel tailored for Londoners run by client Russell Edwards, author of last year’s bestselling book Naming Jack the Ripper. The true crime walking tours offer an opportunity to uncover the real story of Jack the Ripper and the unfortunate women that he preyed on in Victorian East London, without any of the usual touristy gimmicks.

In addition to Time Out advertising, the Facebook campaign attracted 930 post engagements. The accompanying Twitter campaign had a total of 880 link clicks, drawing vital traffic to the free walking tour website. What’s more, Russell Edward’s position on Trip Advisor has climbed more than 30 places in a month to a ranking of #72 of 527 for Tours & Activities in London! Many of the tours were fully booked and the team is looking forward to launching phase two of the tours to coincide with Halloween. 

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