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What a great media event can do

In the business of PR it is one of our most very vital functions to ensure that the media knows about our clients – and the right media needs to know about the right clients. Media meetings and constant liaison all has its places and works very well day to day but sometimes nothing can beat a well placed and well timed media event.

Sun International, a client with a range of stunning Leading Hotels of the World across Southern Africa, held just such an event earlier this month with Four bgb. While not a big affair, the aim was threefold. Firstly, with two new hotels opening in December 2012, anniversaries and a host of refurbishments, Sun International had a lot of news and the event created the perfect occasion for the client to meet their target media and deliver the news in person – a touch which often journalists really do appreciate. Secondly, it created an opportunity to approach new media that may be unfamiliar with the brand and its products and, finally, it was a wonderful opportunity to say thank you for the loyalty that existing media fans had already shown Sun International. This mix of new and existing media friends also helped to keep the event lively and entertaining  - with old friends acting as great Sun International ambassadors!

The venue was a beautiful rooftop bar just off Oxford Street. The central location was an important consideration as it was very convenient for media, who were free to pop in and out of the event at whatever time suited them best. We had initially viewed the venue in July and were struck by how lovely it would be for an end of summer event. The event was set for early October and we crossed our fingers for an ‘Indian summer.’ Unfortunately, this did not arrive and the day of the event was somewhat dismal in the weather department. However, we were able to retreat inside for a snug atmosphere warmed with candles and red wine (South African of course). This informal atmosphere worked well to relax all our guests, allowing for free flowing conversation and a very successful event.


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