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The view from Pow Wow

The mood was optimistic at the 43rd Pow Wow held in Orlando this week. Roger Dow, the CEO and president of the US Travel Association talked of an "industry recovery underway."New York for example, posted an 11% increase in total visitors in the first quarter of this year (although no stats were given for UK arrivals).

The message was also clearly spread to the world that the Gulf States are still open for business despite the oil spill.

The Orlando Convention and Visitor Bureau put on a great show for the international delegates, giving exclusive access to Disney World, Sea World and Universal. We even had a sneak preview of the amazing new Harry Potter world at Universal, there has been meticulous attention to detail to make it as close to the books as possible.

Sir Richard Branson also flew in on a Harry Potter branded Virgin Atlantic plane to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Virgin Holidays at a VIP function.

The new Travel Promotion Act which was recently passed by President Obama was widely discussed with plans outlined on how it will be structured and how the funds will be distributed to  promote the States abroad.

So exciting times ahead for US tourism and I'm already looking forward to Pow Wow 2011 which will be held in San Francisco.

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