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UK media trends

The September ABC newspaper circulation figures  are out. Here’s a quick synopsis for anyone interested in UK media trends

Daily Titles

  • Just over half of all the daily national papers had an increase, albeit very slight in most cases, compared to August
  • The largest increase from this period was from the FT, which had a rise of 3.3%, bringing its average circulation up to 217,121. However, compared to this time last year, the FT has had one of the largest declines in circulation of -10.24%
  • The only titles that have declined more that the FT compared to this time last year are the Daily Record (Scottish based paper) (14.50%), Daily Star (14.15%) and Daily Express (10.85%)
  • The only two titles to have an increase on year on year circulation are the London Evening Standard and The Times, with increases of 28.51% and 1.51% respectively
  • Despite a monthly decline of 4.24% and an annual decline of 8.77%, The Sun remains the highest circulating daily paper, with an average of 2,019,032 copies
  • Of the daily quality newspapers, The Telegraph has the highest circulation (505,473), although this has decreased by 1.25% from last month, and by 8.1% from last September

Sunday Titles

  • The only Sunday title that had an increase from this period last month is the Sunday Times, which increased by 1.14%
  • The circulation of all the Sunday titles have decreased from this period last year (by 13.69%), with The Sunday Times having the lowest decrease of only 1.39%
  • The Sunday Mail, which is a Scottish based paper, and is published by the same group as the Daily Record, had the largest year on year decline of 16.99%
  • The three Sunday quality papers (Sunday Times, Telegraph and Independent on Sunday) have a lower year on year decrease than most of the popular and mid-market papers – barring only The Mail on Sunday and Sunday Mirror
  • The Telegraph has the largest year on year decrease of the quality papers (10.17%)

London Free Press

  • The London Evening Standard, as previously mentioned, has a significantly higher year on year increase than any of the other free press. This is mainly due to the paper expanding its distribution earlier in the year, therefore looking purely at their year on year performance can be misleading
  • Having said that, their month on month circulation has risen by 1.47%
  • All three of the London free press titles have seen an increase in the month on month circulation, with City AM having the highest (5.12%)

Although, both Metro and City AM have decreased in circulation from this point last year, with City AM having the highest decrease of 10.57%

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