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Trust a constant theme at Trav Summit

Trust was a constant theme of the 2009 Travolution PhoCusWright summit in London this week. Speaker after speaker mentioned its value in their online model

"We may be considered boring but we have trust" Lufthansa

"As an industry we need to invest in trust and safety" HomeAway

"Consumer reviews will play a huge role in establishing trust and weeding out issues. It's not so much about the level of quality but the truth of online descriptions and content" HomeAway

"Brand building is massively important in a trusted environment" Microsoft Advertising

"I can show you any number of examples that consumers trust each other" TripAdvisor

"We've geocoded every piece of data as consumers become more demanding" PlanetEye

"Everyone is trying to intercept everyone else online.. A fifth of digital travellers value recommendatinos from Twitter, Dopplr or Facebook. Nine out of ten value face-to-face recommendations" Dopplr

"You can't shoe-horn your proceedures into a different culture. You need to work with partners who are trusted" Cruise line Hurtigruten talking about promoting in Russia.

"Create opportunities to suceed by bringing different brands together" Travelzoo talking about how they worked with trusted and recognised US tour operators to offer deals to the Four Seasons in Tokyo or easycruise Med itineraries.

Frommers Unlimited unveiled research showing that half of all travellers have been frustrated by their experience of online travel sites.

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