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Solo by William Boyd – new James Bond book launched to international fanfare

Photo Credit Rex Features

Wednesday 25 September saw the much anticipated launch of the new James Bond book, Solo by William Boyd. It was launched with luxury, glamour and 1960’s flair with a press conference and photocall at The Dorchester on Park Lane.Inspired by various elements of the book, the launch involved a James Bond-inspired breakfast at The Grill at The Dorchester, where Boyd signed the first 7 copies of the book - Solo 001 to 007 - before entrusting them into the hands of 7 British Airways stewardesses.The cabin crew then got into a convoy of seven vintage Jensen cars – Bond’s motor of choice in the new book – each marked with the country flags of each book’s destination. Then it was off to Heathrow Terminal 5, where the books - each encased in a perspex briefcase - were personally picked up by the captains of 7 planes, strapped into the cockpit, and flown to 7 destinations worldwide: Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Zurich, LA, Delhi, Cape Town and Sydney. This was despite the temporary closure of the whole of Terminal 5; which didn’t stop them on their mission to travel solo worldwide. ITV News captured all the action in a lunchtime report.The event was the result of over a year’s planning by Four Colman Getty, and involved working closely with myriad partners. The result: blanket coverage across the nationals and excellent book sales. All 7 books have now reached their destinations, the final one arriving in Sydney in the early hours of Friday. You can see a brilliant blog, on its arrival and subsequent tour, from Sydney bookshop Booktopia.

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