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So good they named it twice …

New York, New York.  People often – mistakenly - think that PR is an incredibly glam occupation but, while I find my job fascinating, I don’t very often find myself in Ab Fab land.  There is the odd exception though, such as the trip Hannah and I recently made to New York. 

Hannah tells you more about it below.  We jetted out the week before last for a party with Paul Beatty, the 2016 Man Booker winner, in conversation with Oscar Villalon, editor of the West coast literary journal, Zyzzyva.  Over 100 guests - Man Group clients and New York’s literati - enjoyed a fascinating evening in the Morgan Library, given a special boost by the appearance of Marlon James and Kiran Desai, who won the prize in 2015 and 2006 respectively.  Three former winners in the same room - that was quite a moment!

We’ve also announced the longlist for the 2017 Man Booker Prize. The list of 13 books – by writers both known and as yet unknown – has been very well received and was described by Lola Young, chair of the judges, as a ‘tonic for our times.’

Still on books and with an American twist, we have much enjoyed working again with Hollywood screen writer, Bonnie MacBird, whose  second Sherlock  Holmes adventure, Unquiet Spirits, has just been published.  If you like whisky, or Sherlock, or Scotland, or indeed all of those things, you’ll love this book.

Staying north of the border, we’ve been working this month with artist Steve Messam on XXX, a remarkable exhibition set in the grounds of Mellerstain House in the Scottish Borders. Caroline tells you more about it – I’d definitely recommend a visit over the summer.

An important part of our design portfolio is our work on New Designers, the UK’s leading exhibition for graduate design. This year’s show, which attracted over 15,000 visitors, had a particular poignancy with young designers concerned about the impact of Brexit and the prohibitive cost of living in London. They’d be well advised to check out the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham which offers both living and working space to emerging artists at a reduced rent in a bid to encourage more creativity within the borough.

At the other end of the scale, we’ve been working with the Emilia Romagna tourist board to celebrate the 14th century master Giovanni da Rimini.  Some of his work is brought together at the National Gallery for the first time in the UK and again I’d urge you to make a visit…

That’s all for this month.  I wish you all a happy summer and will be back in touch come September.

All best


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