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Sleep In Peace Tonight

Acclaimed author and Managing Director of the Times Literary Supplement James MacManus published his new novel Sleep in Peace Tonight at the end of this month.

Reading like a love letter to London at war, James vividly conjures up Blitz-torn London, the politics of the White House and the poignant lives of those who shaped the course of history during Britain’s darkest hour – including US hero Harry Hopkins, architect of the war winning alliance between Roosevelt and Churchill but seemingly fallen through a trap door in history. Sleep in Peace Tonight remembers this forgotten hero, of whom Winston Churchill once said: ‘In the history of the United States few brighter flames have burned.’

Described by the Sunday Mirror as a ‘heart-rending romance’, The Times and The Sunday Times both praised the ‘meticulous research’ behind the novel, while Elizabeth Buchanan of the Daily Mail was kept ‘on the edge of her seat’ by the ‘riveting, behind-the-scenes story of a clash of wills, late-night telephone calls, big personalities and political stalemate.’ James spoke to BBC Radio London’s Robert Elms about Harry Hopkins, as well as Culture Studio on BBC Radio Scotland and BBC World Service Weekend – and a great crowd gathered for a Groucho launch, to raise a glass to James and Harry Hopkins.

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