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Singapore slings

Four Colman Getty and Four bgb joined forces to organise a cultural extravaganza of a media event in celebration of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee. The evening, held at London’s Ice Tank, was the first in a series of events hosted by the Singapore Tourism Board to mark the city-state’s 50 years of independence.
Guests were welcomed to the event by a doorman from Raffles, who was flown over from Singapore for the occasion. They were then led down to a pop-up Raffles Long Bar to be served a traditional Singapore Sling.  
The evening featured a series of immersive and educational experiences, including stories from Bernard Harrison, former CEO of Singapore Zoo and man behind the world-famous Night Safari, a replica of a Peranakan home with authentic and original artefacts from the Intan Museum, as well as a fascinating showcase of Singaporean heritage cuisine created by celebrated chef, Damian D’Silva. 

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