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Real time indexing - The next chapter for Google?

We hear on the SEO grapevine that there are talks at Google of introducing ‘real time indexing', if so, this is big news for the web, not to mention the world of online PR and social media.

So what is real time indexing?
Basically, cutting out the technical jargon, Google has traditionally indexed websites by systematically crawling for links; meaning that information published on some smaller sites is only picked up on a weekly basis. Real time indexing will mean that Google will index information just a few seconds after it has been published by the website. With the new system, Google will receive new information published online almost immediately and index it on search engine results pages within moments.
This Real Time indexing is called PubSubHubBub or PuSH as it has become more commonly known, and is expected to prove very popular with both publishers offering timely news and websites keen to get their offerings to the web-market on a real time basis.

So what's so great about that?

In a nutshell - newly published information will show on SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) and your Google Reader within minutes. The ability to publish information and have it appear in SERPS so quickly has the potential of saving businesses millions during a crisis. By eliminating the wait for new information to appear in SERPS, companies are able to issue online statements and address a consumer crisis immediately, saving millions in potential shareholder loss and untold amounts in consumer confidence.

The move is also huge news for smaller web publishers whose sites currently only get crawled once a week, as they won't have to play second fiddle to larger sites with the ability to get information indexed quicker.

What's more PubSubHubBub isn't just for Google, the real time feeds would be visible to all, Yahoo and Bing alike, meaning a faster, richer more efficient internet service for all. Hoorah!

Phenomenal... Google senior product manager Dylan Casey said last week at Sullivan's Search Marketing Expo in Santa Clara that the program is currently under development and will be ‘the next chapter' for Google. Further announcements expected soon. Well... we're on the edge of our seats.

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