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The Psychopath Manifesto

We have been working with University of Oxford research psychologist Professor Kevin Dutton for the past 6 months on profile management. With his latest book, The Wisdom of Psychopaths published in paperback on 12 September (Arrow), we deployed a cross-company team (Campaigning, Culture and Digital) to use the publication as a hook for a flurry of media coverage.In The Wisdom of Psychopaths Professor Dutton explores the world of psychopaths and reveals how, beneath the hype and the popular characterisation, they may have something to teach us. We used this as the basis of the campaign, drawing out angles around the qualities that make people successful.Professor Dutton drew up a 10 point “Psychopath Manifesto”, top tips for unleashing your inner psychopath, which we issued to media, generating coverage in Yahoo! News and an interview with Richard Bacon for his BBC Radio 5 Live show.Furthering the theme of successful business people who may exhibit some psychopathic traits, we also worked on a feature with Stylist magazine - Kevin analysed the answers of three CEOs chosen by Stylist and created a bespoke questionnaire for its readers.On the literary front, we generated a number of reviews including the Daily Mail ‘Must Reads’; for ‘Grrrl Scientist’ blog; The Times ‘Paperback of the Week’; and the guardian’s non-fiction paperback section.

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