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PR Week Powerbook 2009

The 2009 PR Week "Power Book" was issued at the new club at the top of Centre Point tonight. While the group of people chosen to feature in the book admired the dizzying views of London glittering below, editor Danny Rogers told us not to be too self-deprecating and to shout about our achievements, so here goes.

Apparently the book lists the "top one per cent of the PR industry" and people are selected by "the PR budgets under their control; their personal influence and networks, the innovation and creativity they have shown over the past year; and the contribution they have made to the success of their organisations." 

The downside to being included is that we're all asked to complete a series of rather random questions eg "What is the one luxury you will keep despite the credit crunch?  What is your burning career ambition? (My answers "laughter" and "to see tomorrow")

However I'd like to clarify one answer if anyone looks at my listing on page 61 of the  PR Week Power Book. When asked which journalist I most admired I said Richard Hammond. Please be assured this isn't Hamster Hammond, of Top Gear fame but the writer Richard Hammond who chose to develop a career writing about sustainable issues in travel when most people weren't considering the subject.

I don't think either would like to be mistaken for the other...

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