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Four Colman Getty is thrilled to be working with Picfair, the revolutionary new stock image library, on the launch of their international photography competition Women Behind the Lens.

If you’ve not come across Picfair yet, the company was founded by journalist and developer Benji Lanyado in order to open up the market for stock images, allowing anyone to license an image from any photographer, simply and fairly. Photographers can upload their snaps and set the price for their own work. In return, publishers, marketers and advertisers gain access to a wealth of more authentic and original images.

Launched in late October, Women Behind the Lens celebrates the work of female photographers of all levels and nationalities, aiming to redress the current gender imbalance in commercial photography.  Our call for entries was featured in Emerald Street, Positive and F-Stop magazines, with social media support from Guardian Photos, Aesthetica, One World Media and Photomonitor, leading to over 4,000 photographs being submitted by 349 entrants in 40 countries.

Shortlisted photographers will have their work shown as part of Women Behind the Lens exhibition at the Guardian Media and News Gallery from 11 December to 11 January 2018.  The images will be selected by an esteemed panel of judges from across the industry, including photographer and academic Anna Fox, who is leading research into photography and gender at the University of Creative Arts, and Head of Photography at The Guardian, Fiona Shields. Four category winners across Nature, Portrait, Architecture and Street Level will be announced on 11 January 2018, along with an overall winner.

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