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Nelson Mandela Sequel

As our colleagues prepared for the announcement of the Man Booker International Prize in Cape Town, Jane Acton and Sarah Watson in the London office pitched in the news announcement for the sequel to Nelson Mandela’s international bestseller Long Walk to Freedom this week, which our clients, Pan Macmillan are due to publish in 2016.

The highly anticipated book, begun by Mandela before his death, and to be completed by a team of his former senior advisors, will give the full story of Mandela's presidency, revealing Mandela's innermost thoughts on the biggest political events and figures of recent decades. The news comes over 20 years after the publication of Long Walk to Freedom which sold over 2 million copies in the UK.

Working with Pan Macmillan international territories we secured worldwide coverage, including an interview with Editorial Director Georgina Morley on BBC Radio 4’s Today, putting Pan Macmillan at the heart of the story.

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