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The Miami Beach Diet on ITV Daybreak’s Lorraine wins record number of fans for Miami

May and June were busy months for the Four Consumer Team as we worked towards realising the dream of creating the Miami Beach Diet in one of the most glamorous destinations on the planet! Strands for the month long twice weekly series – at 9am on ITV Daybreak (3m+ viewership) - were filmed in a number of amazing locations in Miami including Downtown, South Beach, The Everglades, and resulted in a fun-packed, dietlicious look at three ladies and their goals to get beach-body ready before summer arrives. Trained by fitness guru Michelle Heaton and Lorraine’s own chef patron Dean Edwards, who could fail to get fit? Greater Miami looked fabulous in the sun and particular highlights for viewers were healthy picnics on South Beach, visiting the steak house haunt of the Kardashian’s and conquering their fears with a few alligators in The Everglades! Viewers discovered that keeping fit and feeling confident can be fun – especially when it involves salsa with a divine dance partner! During the filming in May, and during broadcast throughout June, Lorraine, Michelle and Dean – with a combined following of 225,249 people on twitter - tweeted away about how amazing Miami was and how well the ladies were doing.  And they did really well –losing a total of 4 stone between them in just 28 days! ITV Daybreak has reported that this has been the most successful body slot they have ever done with a record number of enquiries about Miami and over 500,000 hits to the Miami Beach Diet website. Watch a slot here!        

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