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Four Colman Getty’s campaigning and digital teams are keeping up the good work for the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) as they celebrate the Festival of Learning. Running from 1 May through June, and including Adult Learners’ Week, the Festival of Learning is a celebration of continuing adult education, whether it be learning to cook with friends or undertaking a new language.

Filming for the centrepiece of NIACE’s digital campaign took place in Dotti’s kitchen and now you can see the results here. In two weeks alone we have seen almost ten thousand video views, more than four thousand new people engaging with the Festival of Learning online and new followers for NIACE on Facebook and Twitter.

As if that weren’t enough, Four Colman Getty is already making progress in creating more online content for NIACE by finding out what people would most love to learn. Take to Twitter and join in the conversation using #lovetolearn

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