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How do your friends describe you?

How do your friends describe your personality? Take the same test for your country or organisation. How would you describe it to your friends to encourage them to travel there, or with your business?

What you're doing is describing you organisaton's brand; its pesonality. Last night I heard a refreshingly jargon-free look at destination branding from Tom Buncle of Yellow

Tom has worked in international destination marketing for tourist boards and acted as chief executive of Visit Scotland. So he's been on the receiving end of jargon. He's seen what's worked and hasn't worked. As a consultant he's put that experience to use in producing the most practical, useful branding guidelines for a country that I've ever seen.

How hard is it for you to put yourself in your friends shoes and to try to describe yourself as they see you? It's even harder when you're a country on one side of the world trying to understand what your potential travellers think of you, or what they don't know about you and your personality. There's lots of great and bad examples out there about what countries have done to tackle this challenge. Lets learn from them all.

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