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How do others see you online?

Markets move faster than marketing and that's absolutely true of online marketing. Who had heard of Twitter more than a year ago? What's the next social media revolution which we should all be watching?
Unfortunately with the pace of change increasing we're finding that some organisations aren't putting the essential building blocks in order to maximise their presence online.
Earlier this year we launched an online PR audit service - in which we look at an organisation's presence online, ask if it's maximising its opportunity to drive web traffic and whether it's structured in the best way for media to find and use its information.

The top three common problems we've identified include:

  • Press material being hidden inside a corporate version of an organisation's consumer site. Not only does this miss natural SEO opportunities but it makes it tricky for media to find relevant information


  • Broken links or online features without links back to organisation's websites. The web has an online imprint of all your previous PR work which could still be driving links back to your website and improving your natural SEO. So make sure that imprint is working hard for you still.


  • Press material not being published on company's own websites, or being published in unsuitable formats such as PDF files and Word documents. In some cases, press resources are completely inaccessible to search engines. We're looking to help by offering clients a UK base for their press releases to be published on our new site,

Our top ten tips for making the most of your online PR presence:

  • After you've done an audit make sure your press releases are being optimised with your key search terms and that your agency can go back and correct broken links

  • Give your agency access to your Google Analytics (or other data) so they can check and monitor top referring sites and measure the impact of coverage which has been generated

  • Ensure press releases are posted up on different press release distribution sites which are crawled frequently by search engines. (but a search will only throw up results from one press release distribution site so its best to cherry pick rather than spam the lot)
    bgb is now offering a dedicated bespoke online PR service. A one-day audit will identify the current position and areas of weakness. A two-day audit could include a comparison of major competitors. Ongoing work could include search engine optimisation of press releases, placement of material, link building, analysis and reporting.

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