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Hercule Poirot – Sophie Hannah

Four Colman Getty is currently working on the marketing campaign for the new Hercule Poirot mystery by the best-selling crime writer, Sophie Hannah, published worldwide on Monday 8 September by HarperCollins.

The book comes 39 years after the last Poirot novel, Curtain, and is the first ever Agatha Christie continuation novel to be written with the full backing of the family.

The release of the new Poirot will be supported by a highly innovative and exciting transmedia marketing campaign, targeting both new and existing Christie fans. Launching in May, the fully immersive campaign will contain all the twists and turns of a classic Christie novel, putting the reader at its very heart.

Four Colman Getty also provided PR support for the announcement of the new book in September 2013, which generated worldwide media coverage and a high level of support from the publishing world, with anticipation from the Queen of Crime’s fan-base and beyond rapidly mounting.

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