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GMTV Broadcasting Insight Event

Last night we hosted one of our regular Insight Events and the focus was broadcasting.

Michelle Porter, GMTV senior producter and Chrissie from Electric Airwaves were our speakers shedding light on what broadcasters want and need. Michelle described her role for "telly on toast" as making sure she cheers people up first thing before they leave their houses in the morning. She ran through all the programme elements where travel businesses can work with a programme like GMTV and encouraged people to think laterally and act in a timely way. She said she was shocked how often she was pitched the wrong story at the wrong time.

For anyone about to undertake a broacast interview Chrissie was a beacon of reason."We don't want trained monkeys" she said. But it helps to know some simple guidelines about clarity, communication and control so you're more comortable when you're under the lights.

Funniest moment of the night - when Chrissie showed us a legendary broadcast interview with Jon Snow.

The clip showed John  talking to a woman in another TV studio trying to ask her about global plans. The interviewee didn't know she was on live TV - she looked shifty, read from notes and completely lost us all. A great example of what not to do.

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