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Four bgb tests the powder at the Metro Ski and Snowboard show

Traditionally the Ski & Snowboard Show marks the real beginning of the ski season after weeks of ‘snow and ski supplements’ tease. When it opened yesterday at 12:00pm, there were many people already there, some finishing up the installations, others bringing brochures to freshly painted stands, journalists and professionals attending conferences – Earl’s Court was gearing up for a week of snow craze ambiance.

Yesterday morning Four bgb attended the Responsible Skiing Conference in which ABTA and Responsible Skiing revealed new research results showing what really matters to skiers and snowboarders – not surprisingly ski terrain and condition came up first, followed (very) closely by good/local food. The era of shabby self-catering apartments seems truly over...

In the second session of the morning, our own Natalie Amos took the centre stage to discuss the best ways to engage skiers and snowboarders on responsible tourism – find out what they really want to know and create the right messages. With passing mentions to clients Club Med and Exodus, Natalie proved that she was a true PR at heart..!

After delivering a stellar performance Natalie, along with the other panellists, Richard Hammond ( and Justin Francis (, lead a rather busy and very interesting Q&A session.

The conference hall was filling up with families and children as we left the show to go back to the office not without grabbing a couple of Ski and Snowboard magazines on the way out. And when we walked pass a family of four all carrying skis on the shoulder walking towards the entrance... that was it, we now knew for sure. The ski season had well and truly started!

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