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Four bgb Social Media Travel Insights Report

Social media is moving at such an amazing pace we've produced a new Four bgb insights reports on travel trends in social media.

Please email for a copy of the report

 Top tips for 2011 are

1.  From push to engagement: the year when, to quote Dennis Schall of  Tnooz "social media presence needs to have a voice and a value not just a volume"

2.   Socially-informed innovation: brands using social media to develop better business such as Virgin's recent "social marathon", or Polyvore's "customer curation"

3.  Social commerce revolution - social is moving beyond sharing connections. Friends' recommendations will drive purchases. Brands will add booking capability within their social media platforms like Facebook.

4.  The year of social mobile  After years of speculation has the tipping point been reached for mobile consumption of social media? Almost four out of ten travellers are using mobile social media during their trips abroad to keep family and friends updated.  This increase in mobile usage also extends to online travel bookings, with 30% of travellers using their phones to alter existing bookings during their trip and 25% using mobiles for electronic check-ins, whilst 30% use their smart-phones for social networking during their trip.

5.  Blogging takes a higher profile: different styles and types of bloggers become more prominent and recognised

6. Facebook marches over the world We have worked with our interational agency partners via  The Pangaea Network  to produce a country-by-country breakdown of social media trends in main outbound source markets of Europe, the GCC and USA. It also reveals the massive continued growth of Facebook globally- even in markets that traditionally had strong local social media platforms like Russia and the Netherlands.

Some of the latest Facebook user volumes by country as at 1 April are 

 USA 154 million

UK 26 million

France 21 million

Italy 19 million

Germany 17 million

Spain 13 million

Russia 4 million

Sweden 4 million

Netherlands 4 million

Belgium 4 million


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