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Four bgb hosts first Caribbean social media roundtable

Social media is all about communities and it is incredibly important to maintain those social media relationships with key partners -  ensuring that you all ‘like’, and ‘follow’, each other at the very least! 13 February saw the very first Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) social media roundtable take place at Four bgb. The CTO is a marketing membership organisation boasting 90 members including numerous tourist boards, tour operators, hotels and airlines. All these members promote travel to the Caribbean and nowadays that means promoting through social media platforms as well as through traditional channels. This social media roundtable was an opportunity to discuss best practice, success stories and challenges – to troubleshoot any issues affecting the still relatively new social media world that is now very much part of our everyday communications. But when something is both new and everyday (an unusual combination) it is more important than ever for us all to support each other, ask questions and push towards bigger and better things. Discussion highlighted the need for locally targeted content, even English language audiences in the UK and US interact differently with a different vocabulary. Social media is live and timely so content also needs to be for the correct time zone – nothing worse than seeing a ‘good morning’ tweet on your way to bed! Four bgb also discussed how best to handle negative feedback and how social media can actually be your best friend during a crisis. Overall, it was a great success! Not only did the CTO’s own ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ bounce up during the roundtable itself but it initiated great twitter chat with @_LoveCaribbean, bringing the Caribbean social media community together. And, one week on, the conversation is still going.

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