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Festival of Learning for NIACE

Four Colman Getty has continued their strong work for the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) this month, getting ready to kick off the charity’s Festival of Learning, which starts on 1 May and draws to a close with Adult Learners Week in June.

To encourage people to take up a new skill we have worked with NIACE to produce a short video to document the ups and downs of the learning process. In it, Gemma Merna, of Hollyoaks fame, was taught to make pasta by Chef Stefan Gates. It will be supported by an online marketing and social media campaign, implemented by Four Colman Getty, encouraging people aged 25+ to learn a new skill. Four Colman Getty’s Natasha Bennett and Sian Blackmore were on set to oversee shooting.

As part of the Festival of Learning, NIACE has released a study looking into what people in the UK would like to learn. It showed that approximately 40 per cent of the public would like to learn how to cook or bake, followed by learning to play a musical instrument or a new language. As part of our work with NIACE, the Campaigning team had a successful sell-in with the media, securing coverage in Daily Mail, BBC and Press Association.

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