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Discover all of Your Paintings you never knew you owned

Four Colman Getty has been getting familiar with over 210,000 oil paintings on the Your Paintings website, ahead of celebrations taking place around the completion of this ambitious project later this month. Your Paintings, a joint initiative between the BBC and the Public Catalogue Foundation, showcases the entire UK national collection of oil painting.The digital team worked closely with Your Paintings to develop a detailed social media strategy for the project, implementing a digital campaign to increasing engagement and awareness around Your Paintings. Why not take a look online to discover more about the 211,861 oil paintings across 3,217 UK venues which belong to you or to help to tag a collection near you.Throughout February there will be a series of celebratory events across the UK to promote the project. Look out for the planned nationwide coverage and follow the Your Paintings Facebook page and Twitter feed for all the latest news on the project.

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