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British Ceramics Biennial

This year ceramics are having a huge revival, in part initiated by Four Colman Getty. From the opening of the Centre of Ceramic Arts at York Art Gallery (another client), the launch of the World of Wedgwood to the new BBC show The Great Pottery Throw Down this autumn, ceramics are back in vogue.  

The British Ceramics Biennial is the peak of this trend, displaying the very best of contemporary ceramics for the next six weeks until 8 November in Stoke-on-Trent. From experiential and interactive art installations to 3D-printed and beautifully designed objects, it’s a great opportunity for ceramic newbies to discover that ‘ceramic art doesn’t equal teapots’ and for art collectors to discover new works by upcoming as well as established artists such as Bruce McLean, Paul Scott, Lawrence Epps, Stephen Dixon and Ian McIntyre.

The Four Colman Getty team of Rosie Beaumont-Thomas, Arthur Duncan and Sara Kietzmann fostered partnerships with other local ceramics sites and achieved coverage in the Daily Telegraph, Independent, BBC Front Row, BBC News Online as well as Aesthetica and Grand Designs Magazine

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