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500 families required...

Our work at Four Colman Getty often takes us into fascinating and unexpected new areas, not least because of our increasing involvement with universities.

We launched an unusual appeal this month, for example, on behalf of the University of Dundee and their research into smoke alarms. It seems that up to 80% of children do not wake to the most commonly used smoke alarms and Dundee believe they may have found a solution.  The researchers now need 500 families to take part in a national trial of the new alarms – cue Four Colman Getty and the BBC’s medical correspondent Fergus Walsh.  Read all about it here …   

I had lots of comments following my mention in last month’s newsletter of Dragon’s Blood (varnish and medicine) and Bear’s Grease (treatment to prevent hair loss) – just some of the goods that were traded at London Docks in the past. Trading Words, the large-scale installation from renowned artist Gordon Young, celebrating the history of the docks, is now open to the public and well worth a visit.

Prizes continue to occupy much of our energies. This month saw the announcement of the shortlist for the tenth International Prize for Arabic Fiction along with news from The Charleston Trust that Professor Stephen Hawking has won the third Charleston-EFG John Maynard Keynes Prize, an award set up in 2015 to acknowledge one individual’s outstanding contribution to society. Professor Hawking will deliver a lecture as part of this year’s Charleston Festival. There’s an action packed programme for the 2017 Festival which of course takes place in the magical country home of the Bloomsbury Group. It’s the perfect way to spend a day or two in May.

We’re delighted to be working with Bonnie MacBird on her latest Sherlock Holmes adventure, Unquiet Spirits. And finally congratulations to James MacManus whose riveting book, Midnight in Berlin, has just come out in paperback. Based on the true story of a plan to assassinate Hitler, it’s a cracking read and highly recommended!   

That’s all for this month! 

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